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Muchas veces usamos las redes sociales para divertirnos, pasar el rato o informarnos sobre lo que pasa en el mundo. Ignoramos que hay muchos movimientos o personas utilizando sus canales de comunicación para hacer del mundo un lugar más interesante, cambiar las reglas, luchar por cambios sociales y viralizar el feminismo. 

Una nueva generación que se encarga de romper esquemas y cambiar las cosas. Te presentamos dos chicas únicas, transgresoras y que defienden el feminismo. 

Petra Collins

more @gucci #guccibeauty ⭐️🌟🌙

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Petra es una artista y fotógrafa canadiense que es considerada como una de las fotógrafas más influyentes de su país. Petra lucha en contra de los convencionalismos y es feminista 100% ¡Sus imágenes son definitivamente poderosas!el feminismo está en cada una de ellas. Colabora con muchas marcas y publicaciones expresando libertad y originalidad. Colaboró con Selena Gómez en su nuevo trabajo. S 

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Alexandra Roxo

I am just too high off Love this week not to share it with you!!!! I did no chemicals and no alcohol at Burning Man but feel higher than ever! Love and connection can truly get u higher than anything else and that was my Burn. . It takes practice to ALLOW connection to catapult you into your Heart. I've been working on this for a year with my teachers @justinpatrickpierce and @londinawinters. In their workshops you use connection and intimacy and breathe and eye gazing and LOVE to rocket you to the Moon and experience DEPTH like none other. After one day of their work I literally couldn't speak- it was crazy. Since I've been doing that practice I can find it anytime! Alone or w others 💘💘💘and I just can't go back to connections without that solid Heart center and ability to make Love out of any moment. . They have an intensive coming up Sept 23-24 in Topanga. I will be there getting high off Sacred Connection and Love and cannot wait! Their intensive in March was a major uplevel for me in Heart opening and preparing for sacred partnership. If you come you'll see me in the throws of ecstasy/tears/all the things! Also @radiant.spirit has an LA workshop around connection that is SO BEAUTIFUL coming up! Connection and Love are our rights and are free and so delicious!!! . #SURRENDERSATURDAY lashes by @thelashdean crown by @loschydesigns

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Alexandra es una chica que busca empoderar a las mujeres en todas partes del mundo ayudándoles a conseguir hablen con su propia voz. Su Instagram defiende la visión natural de las mujeres y la originalidad, además de una visión de feminismo que nos encanta ¡Seguirla es un lujo! Su Instagram está lleno de preciosas frases e imágenes tan potentes como esta: 

What makes you SHINE? For me DEEP CONNECTION helps me shine everyday. This is essential to me being the best me on this planet – the ME that the planet needs. The one that goes beyond stories and traumas and narratives that could keep me down. What makes all YOUR cells tingle with a GIANT YES and shine like a ton of lights? . After Burning Man I said I would connect more and more w people for the pure sake of connection and so I went on Tinder and did my Tinder spell and lo and behold I called in a RAD date last night who reminded me of WHAT MAKES ME FEEL ALIVE and SHINY. (I've been doing this tinder practice the last 2 years!) I don't care if we fall in love or date again, cause it's not about attachment, but I care that he showed me photos of people he had turned into Angel art, had erotic drawings and writing about BDSM on the wall that made me tingly, gave me a mini psychic reading that turned into a convo about my relationship to Mary Magdalene, fed me banana pudding, and reminded me of parts of me that I had been feeding less lately: my Artist and my Erotic Goddess- who now I will give some more love since the Healer and Seeker archetypes have been full on lately! What a beautiful Mirror and Gift from this world! A little nudge in my SHINE. . Every day can be full of moments that remind you WHO YOU TRULY ARE and HOW YOU SHINE BRIGHT if you engage with the world in that way and with that intent! Every yoga class you enter. Every coffee shop. Every meeting. It's your life, your day, your intention, your magic to create! HAVE FUN WITH it! And, yes, some of these connections will be less fun and hold deep lessons for you and you will want to kick and scream, but you can handle it and you'll be grateful for the lessons and what they teach you. If I can handle it then you can! Last month I called in a doooozy of a Love lesson, but learned so much in the end. It's worth it to play ALL IN, I promise. I'm here for you wishing you full Shine on You Crazy Diamond ✨💎 ✨ . HAPPY MONDAY🌊🌊🌎lovin you Mama Earth. May our lives be celebrations and prayers to You. . Words by the Amazing @amberibarreche who I met in a dark club in bushwick prob 8 years ago 🌚

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